Rohu Fish Curry

A simple flavourful & satisfying Bengali style curry. I spoke about getting to know this fish Rohu in 2006 in my blog of Rohu Fry. I guess this is the most flavourful recipe of Rohu that my hubby and I relish. It is super easy with very simple ingredients. The final dish is super comfortingContinue reading “Rohu Fish Curry”

Rohu Fish Fry

A quick, easy and yummy starter. Fish fry is an ultimate favorite of a seafood lover. But it mainly includes Pomfret, Surmai, Bombil and so on here in Mumbai. It was 2006, that I got introduced to Rohu while in Ahmedabad for 2 years. I didn’t quite enjoy it, pomfret taste being at the backContinue reading “Rohu Fish Fry”