Vaalachi Usal

A delicious curry giving a festive food as well as comfort food feel. ‘Vaal’ with sprouts always gave me an exotic feeling. As sprouting them and cleaning them, getting them ready for making a curry is a task with number of steps and timelines. But if you get your hands on ready vaal sprout.. ahha!!Continue reading “Vaalachi Usal”

Kelfulachi Bhaji

Banana Flower Subji – The Maharashtrian delight. An exotic ingredient, Banana Flower / Kelful has amazing health benefits. It is loaded with phosphorous, calcium, potassium, copper, magnesium and iron which are vital for several bodily functions.¬†You can actually google to find how beneficial it is to consume this exotic vegetable. Well, for us yumminess isContinue reading “Kelfulachi Bhaji”


A yummy treat for the boring day. This is my go to recipe on the days when I open our refrigerator and none of my favourite vegetables feel exciting. I want something interesting and tasty but don’t wish to cook any vegetable or even meat. It has to be quick and yummy as well. AndContinue reading “Pithala”

Til Gul Poli

Makar Sankranti Special. Yummy in every bite. Makar Sankranti is a special festival of India. While the world starts the new year with a lot of seriousness to set new goals, set new processes, India gears up for the first festival. Makar Sankranti. So significant as per the weather, geography, harvest. Full of colours, vibrancy,Continue reading “Til Gul Poli”

Bhogi Special

A perfect delicacy for perfect festival of the season. A day prior to Makar Sankranti, is called Bhogi in most part of India. It is a day when people discard old things and focus on new things. As the season is transforming during this time of the year, it represents transformation in our lives asContinue reading “Bhogi Special”

Masale Bhaat

A special Maharastrian Wedding Delicacy. Literally every wedding in Maharashtra or at least the Khandesh area (North Maharashtra) of Maharashtra would be incomplete without this delicacy. It is actually so colourful, so vibrant, full of richness and goodness and yumminess that it should be a part of any celebration. It is actually a complete mealContinue reading “Masale Bhaat”