Til Gul Poli

Makar Sankranti Special. Yummy in every bite. Makar Sankranti is a special festival of India. While the world starts the new year with a lot of seriousness to set new goals, set new processes, India gears up for the first festival. Makar Sankranti. So significant as per the weather, geography, harvest. Full of colours, vibrancy,Continue reading “Til Gul Poli”

Bhogi Special

A perfect delicacy for perfect festival of the season. A day prior to Makar Sankranti, is called Bhogi in most part of India. It is a day when people discard old things and focus on new things. As the season is transforming during this time of the year, it represents transformation in our lives asContinue reading “Bhogi Special”

Masale Bhaat

A special Maharastrian Wedding Delicacy. Literally every wedding in Maharashtra or at least the Khandesh area (North Maharashtra) of Maharashtra would be incomplete without this delicacy. It is actually so colourful, so vibrant, full of richness and goodness and yumminess that it should be a part of any celebration. It is actually a complete mealContinue reading “Masale Bhaat”

Bharwa Karela | Stuffed Bitter Gourd Recipe

A Karela recipe as my mom taught me. Karela has been on my favourite list since my childhood. Yes surprisingly I have loved this bitter tasting vegetable made anyways – chips, fried with onions or stuffed. I don’t when some one adds sugar or jaggery to make it sweet. No! I mean it is karela.Continue reading “Bharwa Karela | Stuffed Bitter Gourd Recipe”

Rohu Fish Fry

A quick, easy and yummy starter. Fish fry is an ultimate favorite of a seafood lover. But it mainly includes Pomfret, Surmai, Bombil and so on here in Mumbai. It was 2006, that I got introduced to Rohu while in Ahmedabad for 2 years. I didn’t quite enjoy it, pomfret taste being at the backContinue reading “Rohu Fish Fry”

Lentils & Veggie Soup

Nourishing & Complete Meal in a Bowl. I came across this concept of Nourish Bowls in mid 2019. And it not only caught my attention but also enticed me to give it a try. The concept is eating a hearty, complete, filling meal consisting mainly Proteins with touch of Carbs and Fats all in oneContinue reading “Lentils & Veggie Soup”

Haldi waala Doodh

Famously called the ‘Turmeric Latte’ Amazing Benefits of Haldi waala Doodh Full of Antioxidants Help to improve mood Help reduce inflammation Has antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti viral properties Good dose of calcium and vitamin D Improve memory and brain functions Reduce the risk of cancer Help improve Digestion How to prepare the beneficial Haldi waalaContinue reading “Haldi waala Doodh”