Lentils & Veggie Soup

Nourishing & Complete Meal in a Bowl. I came across this concept of Nourish Bowls in mid 2019. And it not only caught my attention but also enticed me to give it a try. The concept is eating a hearty, complete, filling meal consisting mainly Proteins with touch of Carbs and Fats all in oneContinue reading “Lentils & Veggie Soup”

Prawns Malvani Curry

The yummy dish for a perfect weekend treat!! I have always being a seafood lover. As a kid, fish fry or prawns fry were on top of the list. Today if you ask me it is definitely seafood curry with steamed rice. Nothing beats it. The first time I tasted authentic Malvan Fish Curry wasContinue reading “Prawns Malvani Curry”

Haldi waala Doodh

Famously called the ‘Turmeric Latte’ Amazing Benefits of Haldi waala Doodh Full of Antioxidants Help to improve mood Help reduce inflammation Has antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti viral properties Good dose of calcium and vitamin D Improve memory and brain functions Reduce the risk of cancer Help improve Digestion How to prepare the beneficial Haldi waalaContinue reading “Haldi waala Doodh”

We love MOMmade

365 Days 365 Recipes – 2020 Challenge Being surrounded by spices day in and out, experimenting with them and trying out different recipes to give something better to MOMmade customers every time has motivated me to write this blog. My hubby fondly says, “Your cooking has drastically improved from the time you started making MOMmadeContinue reading “We love MOMmade”